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From websites to lead capture and review management, Local Spark Marketing is a digital marketing partner you can count on.

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Too Busy Running Your Business To Effectively Market It?

Long gone are the days of putting an ad for your business in the phone book and waiting for customers to call. The Internet has become the lifeblood of the modern small business and, although there is massive opportunity, there are also many challenges.

Competition is increasing, technology is constantly changing, and new marketing strategies are emerging. Unless a small business takes the initiative to stay on top of these trends, they risk losing customers and sales to the companies that do.

Shopping Is Now Digital

The Internet is critical for connecting customers to your business. 81% of all research for products and services begin online.

The Importance Of Digital Marketing Is Growing

In 2022 more than 69% of small businesses consider digital marketing to be their primary source of new customers.

About Us

You're The Expert At Your Business. We're The Experts At Marketing It

Most small businesses don't have the experience, time, or desire to learn and apply the latest digital marketing strategies. Let us deal with your digital marketing while you focus on what you do best: delivering great products and services to your customers!

Small Business Websites

Get a professionally designed, mobile friendly website that will convert more visitors into customers.

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Lead Capture

Our lead capture service will help you generate the most leads from your existing website traffic.

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Our Difference

The Middle Ground Between Do-it-yourself And Expensive Marketing Agencies

When it comes to marketing, most small businesses only have two choices - do the marketing themselves or hire an agency to perform expensive, custom work for them. Neither are great options - one takes up a lot of your time and the other takes up a lot of your money!

There's A Better Option Available

Local Spark Marketing offers an attractive third option that sits in between doing the marketing yourself and hiring an agency.

Rather than selling software tools or completely custom marketing campaigns, we've developed the standard processes and systems that allow us to effectively promote your business at a price that's far more affordable and predictable.

Our Difference

Fully Managed For You

Focus on your business, not your marketing. We'll take care of setup, management, and optimization of your marketing campaigns.

Predictable Pricing

Say goodbye to hourly rates and hidden fees. The prices on our website are what you pay, period!

Track Your Marketing

Routine emails will keep you updated on your digital marketing campaigns. Have a question? We're just a phone call or email way.

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Get A New Digital Marketing Strategy Set Up In Days, Not Weeks

Getting started with Local Spark Marketing is fast and easy! Simply review the service you're interested in and select a package that works for you.

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We Setup Your Campaign

Taking your answers into account, we will set up your new digital marketing campaign.

We Launch Your Campaign

We launch your campaign and continue to optimize it over time.