Pay For Results, Not Promises.

We Use Paid Search Ads To Drive New Customers To Your Business. You Only Pay Us For Each Phone Call Your Campaign Generates!


Online Advertising The Way It Should Be

Wouldn’t it be nice if you only paid your marketing agency when they generated a new lead for your business? With Local Spark Marketing, you can!

We don’t charge by the hour or with a flat monthly fee.  We only charge you for every phone call your campaign generates.  This way, you know you’re only paying for results!

There are no additional fees – period.  There are no set up, monthly, cancellation, or any other “hidden” fees.  Starting your campaign with Local Spark Marketing costs $0!

Quick Results

Generally, we can begin making your phone ring within one or two business days of your campaign starting.

Precision Targeting

Our methods allow us to target the ideal customer located in your service area.

Only Pay For Real Calls

We record and listen to every phone call generated to ensure you’re only billed for valid calls.

How It Works

Simply Pay Us For Each Phone Call Generated


We use Google Ads and Microsoft Ads (for Bing and Yahoo) to drive targeted visitors to a high converting landing page for your business.


Potential customers call a special tracking number that redirects to your main phone line.


Each week we will send you a report of all the billable phone calls your campaign generated and a link to listen to each phone call.

Try Our Service Completely Free For 2 Weeks

We put our money where our mouth is. We’ll let you try our service completely free for 2 weeks – simply pay for ad spend. Everything else is on us!


Hassle-free Online Marketing

We created our service with one goal in mind: to make marketing your business online as easy and cost effective as possible.  Simply pay for ad spend, qualified phone calls, and that’s it!

We deal with the complexities of making new customers call your business while you focus on what really matters: managing new leads and growing your company.

In addition, our landing pages are completely separate from your main website – no modifications required!


We Handle Everything

We take care of everything – from landing page and ad creation to conversion optimization.

No Contracts

We’re confident in our abilities and don’t require any contracts.

Primary Or Supplemental

Our service can become your primary source of new customers or it can supplement existing online marketing efforts.

Only Pay Us When Your Campaign Generates A Phone Call