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Your Website Could Be Losing Leads, Customers, and Sales

Leads are the lifeblood of any small business. However, most small business websites are not optimized to capture leads nor do they have a process in place to convert these leads into customers.

And as more and more companies turn to the Internet for new customers, competition is increasing and businesses need a way to squeeze every potential sale out of their websites.

Most Website Visitors Won't Convert

Studies have shown that roughly 98% of website visitors will leave without calling, requesting a quote, or taking any action.

Lead Capture & Follow Up Is Critical

Capturing leads and following up with them has one of the highest ROIs of all forms of digital marketing.

We believe all small businesses should have the ability to capture leads from their website - so we created LeadSpark.

About LeadSpark

Turn Your Website Into A Lead Generating Machine

Want more leads without spending more on advertising? Our lead capture service, LeadSpark, will maximize the amount of leads from your existing website traffic.

You Create A Special Offer

We work with you to create a special offer and add it to your website.

You Get New Leads

Your website visitors must enter their contact information to claim your special offer.

We Follow Up With The Leads

A series of follow up emails is sent to the leads to encourage them to complete the sale.


Advanced Forms Encourage Visitors To Turn Into Leads

Our non-intrusive popup forms will allow your website visitors to submit their contact information in exchange for a special offer that you specify.

Match Your Design

We can customize your popup form to match your website's design, colors, and branding.

Install On Any Website

It doesn't matter if your website is built with Wordpress, Wix, Shopify, or any of the countless website builders - we can install your popup form on any website.

Follow Up

Automatic Follow Up Helps Convert More Leads Into Customers

LeadSpark doesn't just help you get more leads. It also includes a follow up feature that reminds your leads to take advantage of your special offer.

Follow Up Emails

We create follow up emails that encourage your new leads to use your special offer and complete their purchase.

Design & Creation

We take care of the design, creation, and scheduling of your follow up emails.

Follow Up
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Getting Started With LeadSpark Is Quick And Easy

No software for you to configure, no installation to deal with, and no content to write. We set everything up for you in as little as 3 business days.

Sign Up

Complete our sign up questionnaire and let us know what special offer you'd like to promote.

We Create Your Campaign

Using your answers, we create your website's popup form and write your follow up emails.

We Install Your Form

Pending your approval, we will install the popup form on your website.

The LeadSpark Difference

Make Your Marketing More Effective

Your website is the centerpiece of all of your marketing. Whether you run TV ads, online ads, or post to social media, all potential customers will eventually end up on your website.

Therefor, having a system in place to capture these potential leads and continue to market to them will vastly increase the ROI of your marketing.

Running Paid Ads?

Clicks can get expensive! Capturing leads is a cost effective way to increase your ad's effectiveness.

Doing SEO?

Search traffic has some of the best ROI out there. Capture more leads and kick your SEO campaign into overdrive!

Using Social Media?

Everyone loves a deal. Give your social media followers a special promotion to convert them from followers into customers.

Lead Nurturing

Take Your Lead Capture To The Next Level With Lead Nurturing

Some leads may not be ready to buy immediately. Lead nurturing allows your business to continually market to these leads until they're ready to buy.

Fully Managed

We will write, design, and send follow up emails to your leads reminding them of your special offer.

Promote Additional Offers Plus Plan

Want to promote additional offers or a seasonal offer? With the LeadSpark Plus plan, we will design and send follow up emails for additional special offers.

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Simple, Straightforward Pricing Plans


Get started capturing leads from your website.
$97 / Month
$197 Setup Fee
Setup In 3 - 5 Business Day
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Maximize the amount of leads that turn into customers.
$197 / Month
$297 Setup Fee
Setup In 5 - 7 Business Day
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Core Features

No Contract, Cancel Anytime
4 Follow Up Emails For New Leads

Lead Capture Form

You Pick Your Special Offer
Installation On Your Website

Lead Follow Up

Lead Nurturing

We Follow Up Every 6 Weeks
We Follow Up Every 4 Weeks Plus