Website Design Carlsbad: 5 Things You Need To Know

Looking for a web designer in Carlsbad? Here are 5 things you probably didn't know about web design.

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Over 70 percent of American consumers use the Internet to look for products and services. It goes without saying that a good website that ranks well in search engines is must-have for any business in Carlsbad, CA.

In today’s world, having a professional designed website is what makes one of the biggest differences between a successful business and the one that fails.

While owning a website is not a complicated undertaking, getting a good designer to follow best practices, maintain your website, and help you rank better in SEO is complicated.

So, what features should you make sure are included in a web design service?  Here are some things that you should ask a designer before you hire them.

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Reliable Web Hosting is Key

Did you know that poor web hosting could ruin your business fast, especially if the host is not fast and secure? This is a fact that most people are oblivious of and it’s really detrimental to a business, especially the one that gets most of its clients from the Internet.

More importantly, loading speeds is a key factor that is used in SEO rankings. That’s why a reliable web host is paramount if you want your website to stay afloat. Even worse, web pages that load slowly drive traffic away.


We Offer Fast, Secure Hosting

Fully managed hosting is included with your website plan.  Never worry about slow load times, security issues, or unreliable web hosts again!

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Conversion Rate is Crucial

Website Design Carlsbad

It is the aim of every business owner to convert as much website traffic into sales.  You may not know this, but how you showcase sales copy, images, and calls to action on your website can either build or break your business

Shoddily designed websites experience frequent bounce rates (visitors who leave the website after visiting only 1 page) and low conversions.

Consult a professional web designer to understand how to best integrate your service descriptions, images, and calls to action in a way that will translate traffic into sales.


We Integrate Professional Sales Copy

Included with your website plan, we’ll write up to 500 words of professional sales copy on each page of your website.  We’ll also strategically integrate calls to action.

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SEO Optimized

Every business creates a website with one aim in mind—to rank well in search engines and generate more sales. It helps to land more traffic on your site. That’s why you should always find a way to optimize your content, images, and videos.

However, with the ever-changing trends in the SEO world, creating websites that will rank in search engines is a complicated undertaking.

That’s why you need professional web designers who keep current with SEO trends to help you with the undertaking.


All Our Websites Are SEO Optimized

Every website plan we offer includes local SEO. Not only will your website be optimized for Google searches relevant to your industry, we’ll perform additional SEO work to help you get even more exposure! Learn More

Websites Require Regular Maintenance 

Maintenance on your website may seem like something you may DIY. You are dead wrong! Good website maintenance requires the touch of a professional web designer.

To someone who isn’t familiar with web design, something as simple as changing text or an image can “break” the site or harm its visual appearance. 


We Can Perform Updates For You

All our website plans include monthly updates and maintenance.  Need to change your home page text?  Update an email?  Simply contact your account manager and we’ll make the change for you!

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Never Forget The Photography 

Imagery is crucial for the success of any brand.  For your website to have the highest possible conversion rate, you must consider your target audience and integrate photography that will appeal to them.

Many business owners will hastily include any photos they can take on their smart phones.  While these photos may “get the job done”, they can look unprofessional and leave the visitor with a bad impression of your company—”they look cheap.”


We Include Professional Looking Images

Photos can make or break your website!  We integrate high quality photos into every website we build.  While we mostly use stock images, we can review and / or enhance any photos a customer provides.

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