How to Use Your Time Stuck at Home Productively

April 16, 2020

If you’re reading this, you’re probably at home. You’re working remotely, or worse, your business or employer has been shut down entirely and you’re waiting for everything to blow over so you can reopen.

Is that really all you can do, though? Even if you’re staying home and keeping yourself isolated, there are a number of things you can do that will help your business prosper, both now and after this has all ended.

Read on to find some tips on how to make the most of your downtime:

Improve Your Technology and Organization

Most businesses have some area where their technology isn’t quite up to speed with where it needs to be. However, it’s easy to keep pushing off the upgrade to a time when we’re less busy… and that “less busy” never seems to come for a business owner. In our personal lives, we are much the same. It’s one thing to make a plan to get ourselves organized, but this particular plan tends to get kicked down the road more than most due to inertia and “not having the time”.

Except, now you do have the time! With so much time freed up by reductions in work (not to mention commutes being eliminated), this is the time to pounce. Whether it’s getting your website redone, converting paper and spreadsheet records into more usable formats, or anything else that will boost your productivity in the future, do it now!

Shop for Deals

Businesses that are staying open, whether digitally or otherwise, are often cutting prices to keep money coming in the door and keep their clients from leaving. Seems like a good thing to take advantage of, right?

Saving money is always a good thing, whether it’s getting a better price on something you’re already paying for, or finally getting a long-planned upgrade. And in these difficult times, the idea of saving money is even more appealing!

The old saying “you’ve got to spend money to make money” rings true even in difficult times, but if you have an opportunity to spend less and get more… shouldn’t you jump on it?


What can just about anyone do without leaving your house, or even getting off the couch? Brand themselves!

Whether it’s creating content (blog posts don’t write themselves after all!), networking, marketing or even just planning your process, putting the time and effort in now to create your business or personal brand can pay off big later. Besides, with a reduction in alternatives everyone is likely going to be online even more than usual now, so you can take advantage of the bigger audience!

Learn New Skills

Whether you are getting ready to retire or just starting out in the workforce, you can benefit from expanding and deepening your skill set. Even if you’re learning something for your own amusement, you can improve your productivity by giving yourself more satisfying downtime.

But think about it… who is likely to do well in the coming years? The one who spent all their downtime rewatching the Office for the 35th time? Or the one who cut back on the streaming television just a little bit, and learned something new?

Even though we are all limited in what we can do now… that doesn’t mean we should be doing nothing. We just need to shift our focus a little. Taking this time to plan ahead and strengthen your foundation can pay off big in the near future.