Know Someone That Could Benefit From Local Spark Marketing?

Earn A 10% Referral Fee If They Turn Into A Customer!

Our company continues to grow from great referrals.  As a sign of our gratitude, we would like to offer you a 10% referral fee for any new customer you refer to us.  We will send you a check for 10% of your referral’s initial contract within 5 working days of receiving their down payment.


  • $800 down payment on SEO campaign = $80 referral fee
  • $1000 in website changes = $100 referral fee
  • $3000 new website = $300 referral fee

How It Works

  • Referral Becomes A Customer

    Your referral becomes a Local Spark Marketing customer.

  • Referral Credits You

    Tell your referral to mention your name to their account representative so we know they came from you!

  • You Get Paid

    You will receive your referral fee by check within 5 business days after we receive your referral’s down payment.  If desired, you may credit your account instead.