Local SEO In San Diego

Reach the right customers at the right time. Our local SEO service, Local Search, will help you gain new customers by making your business appear in the map area of the search results.


Get Found By Local Internet Searchers

Online search is now bigger than ever. More than 46% of all Google searches are for local businesses and this number is steadily increasing.

As you might imagine, people who perform a search for a service or product in their area usually want an immediate suggestion. To fulfill this need, Google and the other search engines created the Map Pack – a listing of businesses in the searcher’s area that sell that service or product.

Our local SEO service Local Search is designed to help drive highly qualified customers from the search engines’ map listings to your company’s website and increase sales.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Increase Sales
    Attract customers that are using online search to find the products and services they need.
  • High Conversions
    Website visitors from a local search are searching for exactly what your business does.
  • Stay Competitive
    If your website doesn’t appear for a search related to your business your competitors will!

Outrank Your Competitors In The Map Pack

The Map Pack is a listing of businesses that are near the searcher’s location. These listings are placed above the non-ad (organic) websites. The goal of Local Search is to make your business appear in the Map Pack when someone in your area searches for a service or product you offer.
Local SEO San Diego

Everything You Need To Increase Your Search Engine Map Exposure

Your Local Search campaign will include all the steps required to maximize your search engine map exposure and get new customers.

Website Optimization

The content, structure, and technical aspects of your website will be optimized to make it more favorable to search engines.

Google My Business Optimization

We will optimize and post routine updates to your “Google My Business” listing.  This is critical for appearing in Google search results.

Citation & Link Building

We will claim, verify, and optimize your company’s listings on Yelp, YellowPages, and major business directories and websites.

Transparent Pricing That Adapts To Your Needs

Your monthly fee covers the continual optimization of your website, your Google My Business listing, and your business listings in major directories such as Yelp and the YellowPages.

Fresh, relevant content is a key component of local SEO. To satisfy this requirement, your monthly fee also includes the publishing of one post per month to your Google My Business listing.

Search engine map optimization is an ongoing process. Without continual work, your business will lose precedence in the search engines and you will lose the exposure you once had.

Starting At $299

Per Month
  • Requires One Time Setup Fee
  • Choose 5 Of Your Services To Promote
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Reporting Through Local Spark Cloud

Why Your Business Needs Local SEO In 2020 And Beyond

If you need to look for a new place to service your car, where’s the first place you go? Hint: it’s probably not the phone book! You go to Google, type in “car repair near me” or a similar search, and begin evaluating the companies that come up.

If you’re a local or small business owner it’s safe to say your potential customers are doing the exact same thing. Does your company appear in the search results if someone searches for your services or products online? If not, you could be missing out on many potential customers or worse – they could be going to your competitors!

What Is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of getting website traffic from the “organic” listings of a search engine’s search results. All major search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, have organic listings. Organic listings are completely separate from paid ads – search engines do not charge the website owner to have their listing appear there.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a variant of SEO that is concerned with the optimization of websites for local brick-and-mortar businesses. Unlike SEO that would be done for a company that solely does business online, local SEO optimizes a company’s website for Internet searches that demonstrate “local intent” – such as “car repair san diego”, “air conditioning repair san diego”, or “plumbing companies near me”.


Of All Internet Searches Are For Local Services, Products, or Information (Source: SEO Tribunal)


Of Smartphone Users Will Visit A Business From A Local Search (Source: Nectafy)

Why Do I Need Local SEO For My Business?

Aside from the fact that no one uses phone books anymore, there are many reasons why a business should utilize local SEO.

Bring Highly Targeted Visitors To Your Website

In contrast to social media marketing or display advertising, which rely on getting a website visitor’s attention, local SEO targets the most qualified Internet searchers for your business. If someone goes to Google and types in “dentist in San Diego” they’re clearly looking for a new dentist. There’s a very good chance this person will call or email a dentist on the first page of the search results or in the map results.

93% Of All Online Traffic Starts At A Search Engine

According to SEO Tribunal, 93% of all online traffic starts with a search engine. In addition, 46% of all Google searches are for local businesses and services!  If your website doesn’t show up for relevant searches your competitor’s website will!

Competition Is Only Going To Get Worse

As the years roll by more and more businesses are going to turn to local SEO for new customers – and you don’t want to have to play catch up. To make matters worse, you’ll have to play catch up in a more crowded marketplace. Get in now and start building your “SEO foundation”!

Capitalize On Weak Competition

Aside from competitive markets such as automotive, dentistry, and law, you’d be surprised how many markets feature companies with weak and under-performing local SEO. Taking the time to implement quality SEO and improve your website could make your company stand out from your competitors and capture many new customers!

Why Should I Pay For A Local SEO Company?

Many business owners are do-it-yourselfers and will attempt to do SEO themselves or delegate it to a less than knowledgeable employee. While it might save the business some money initially, improper SEO can do more harm than good.

You Do Not Have Enough Time

Proper SEO takes time to implement and analyze. You’re busy running your business, handling customers, and helping employees – you more than likely do not have enough time to allocate for SEO.  Even if you had some time your efforts will be subpar to your competitor who hired a local SEO agency to handle it for them.

SEO Is Constantly Changing

SEO is not a skill you learn once. While some fundamentals have remained unchanged, there are many aspects of SEO that are constantly evolving and, if you don’t modify your strategy, your competitor’s SEO agency will gain an upper hand.

Ignorance Can Damage Your Website’s Rankings

There are a lot of amateur mistakes you can make that hurt your website’s rankings or worse – get your website blacklisted by the search engines.

Since backlinks are a core facet of SEO and local SEO, one of the most common traps amateurs make is buying hundreds or thousands of “junk” backlinks. Junk backlinks are generally low quality links from blog comments, forum posts, or guestbooks. They are often sold as bundles such as “1000 links for $100.”

While it may seem enticing to someone who doesn’t know any better, these links can damage your website’s reputation with the search engines – especially Google. More than ever before, the search engines care about quality over quantity. Those links are not quality.