How To Get Google Reviews: 18 Ideas

November 18, 2019

With most of the population now owning smartphones, information is easy to find. Gone are the days where business owners could simply put up a sign, offer their services, and expect word-of-mouth growth.

Today’s consumers are more tech-savvy than ever before, and they search for information before they purchase or seek services.

Without positive Google reviews, your company may be overlooked or even avoided.

Why Are Google Reviews So Essential?

According to the experts, around 88% of all people first consult online reviews before they make a choice for products and services. If a consumer sees a lot of bad reviews, they are going to likely go elsewhere for the services they need.

Not only are good reviews important for consumers, but they are also important for your website’s rank. Google and other search engine result sites take your customer reviews into consideration when deciding on the rank.

A lot of bad reviews can send your site tanking in position.

If you have a greater volume of positive reviews, this is going to equate to a higher level of traffic, more sales, and increased profits.

There are many ways business owners can get more Google reviews and none of them are difficult. With a little time and effort, you can increase your reviews and help ensure they are positive. Consider the following and start putting them into action right away.

Ideas For Your Website / Digital Marketing

1. Share positive reviews – If you have received positive reviews from customers, start sharing them on your website and social media. Not only will this attract attention from potential customers, but it can also encourage happy customers to realize they too should leave a review.

2. Email requests – Creating compelling review email and SMS messages that send after a sale is an easy way to get your customers to leave a review. This approach almost always works, especially if you make it simple and do not pressure the customer. SMS messages are especially important since a large portion of the population leaves reviews with their mobile devices.  Our review generation software, Review Magic, can help you send review requests to your customers at scale.

While it may be tempting, NEVER buy reviews.

3. Claim your listings – You should claim all your business listings on review sites like Yelp, Google, and more. Claiming your listings and ensuring the information is correct will help to ensure there are plenty of places for people to leave reviews.

4. Boost positive reviews – Many business owners do not know they can boost their positive reviews and make sure they are seen first by marking them as helpful. Anyone can mark a review as being helpful and this can help you get a head start on increasing the visibility of those reviews you want people to see more than others.

5. Social media requests – If someone is following your business on social media, this means they are vested in your company. Asking for reviews on social media is an easy way to get them. If people have taken the time to follow your company, they will likely be willing to leave a review.

6. Website requests – Leaving a call to action that asks for feedback reviews on the website is helpful. When people visit your website, this message will help to compel them to take the time to leave a review or offer feedback. Make them feel as if they are offering beneficial information that will be helpful in improving your business.

7. Review link – Most people do not leave reviews simply because they feel the process will take too long. If you can create a link that takes them directly to your Google review page, they are more likely to leave a review because the process will not be time-consuming. This article provides clear instructions on how to create a direct link to your Google reviews.

Ideas For Offline

8. Ask for reviews in person – While this seems overly obvious, it is surprising to hear how many business owners never once ask their customers for a review. Most customers are going to oblige such a request, and there is no reason you should not ask. When asking for reviews, ensure the process is simple for them.

9. Offer stellar customer service – One of the best ways to get reviews is to make sure you provide the highest level of customer service. If you blow them away with an amazing experience, they are more likely to feel compelled to leave a good review that will benefit your business.

10. Use handouts – Handouts are a powerful way to gain the attention of your customers. Have a printout card available to hand customers after the sale or the service has been carried out. When they are holding the piece of paper in their hands, it will be much more difficult to ignore than an email or a text message.

11. Receipts – If you ever eat fast food, you are likely to find a survey or review request printed near the bottom. Often, these messages will offer some incentive, such as a free drink or sandwich with each survey. Try printing this on your receipts and see the reviews begin to pour in.

12. Review events – If your company holds customer events, this is the perfect time to ask for reviews. Simply set up a booth and offer information on how customers can leave reviews. Give out free gifts with each review that is left.

13. Vendors and partners – It never hurts to ask your vendors and partners to leave you a review. Even though they are not customers, they see your work day in and day out and can attest to the high level of customer service you offer.

14. Send influencers samples – If there are influencers in your niche, you can contact them and ask them to review your product. You send them a sample and, in return, they offer to give an honest review of your product. Getting an influencer interested in your product or service can help to bring in customers and more reviews.

15. QR codes – A QR code makes it easy for customers to leave a review because they simply scan it with their smartphone and it takes them to the review platform. The easier you make the process of leaving a review, the more likely you are to get them.  Hubspot has a good article on how to generate a QR code here.

Other Ideas

16. Stay calm when it comes to bad reviews – There is likely no way you are going to be able to completely avoid bad reviews. If you get angry and lose your cool over them, you will not be able to respond responsibly. You should respond, but it needs to be done in the right way. Make sure to be kind and address the review’s complaints. Take time to try and make the customer happy and you may be able to turn the bad review into a positive one. You should also respond to positive reviews and thank them for taking the time to leave one.

17. Ask at the right time – Asking at the right time is just as important as asking. The best time to ask is when the sale or transaction is complete and all the loose ends have been tied up tightly. Once you have fulfilled all your responsibilities, it would be the perfect time to ask.

18. Send reminders – In this busy world, it is easy to forget to leave a review, even when asked. To keep your customers reminded, make sure to follow up on your review request with an email or a text that offers a friendly reminder regarding leaving a review. Most will complete the review at that time because they will realize they forgot and do not want to forget again.


You are now armed with 18 ways to get Google reviews without a lot of stress. The methods above are easy for both you and your customers. While you should not badger your customers into leaving reviews, a little persistence can pay off.

Always ask in a nice manner and be patient if you are first ignored. Often, people wait until their second interaction with a company before they become compelled to leave a review. By using the above ideas, your reviews will begin to grow in numbers quickly, and this will have a positive impact on your company in many ways.