How It Works

We Promote Your Business Online, You Only Pay When We Make Your Phone Ring!

Zero Upfront Cost

There are no monthly or cancellation fees.  You only pay when we generate a phone call. Period.


No Contracts

Cancel your campaign at any time.  We require no contracts to use our service.


Live Calls

The phone calls you receive will be live and exclusive to your business. No more chasing down leads!


Step 1

We Target People Looking For Your Services

We will promote your business across the major search engines.  We create targeted ads that are only shown to potential customers in your service area.

Since people will be searching for exactly what you offer, we are able to send highly interested prospects to your business.


Quick Results

Depending on search volume and your location, you may receive your first phone call in as little as one business day!


Continual Optimization

As your campaign progresses we will continually tweak and optimize your promotion to maximize phone calls.

Step 2

You Receive Calls From Potential Customers

Once we start promoting your business you’ll begin to receive phone calls.  A special tracking number (with your matching area code) will be used so we can track exactly how many phone calls we’ve generated.

Exclusive Phone Calls

These phone calls will be sent to only you, not shared with other companies.


Easy To Track

Our call tracking software tracks and records every phone call we generate.

Step 3

Weekly Reports Provide Full Transparency

Each week we will send you a report and invoice for the billable phone calls you received.  We listen to every phone call we generate, so you won’t be billed for wrong numbers or sales calls.


Listen To Each Call

Our weekly report will include links to the audio recordings of each phone call.


Contest A Phone Call

Do you think we billed you for an invalid phone call?  You’ll have the option to contest it.  Your account will be credited for any call we agree to be invalid.

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