Review Magic Guide

Getting Started

Begin using Review Magic by logging into Local Spark Cloud.  You can access Local Spark Cloud at:

After logging in you’ll be taken to the main page of Local Spark Cloud.  To access Review Magic, click on your plan (generally your company name) in the sidebar and then click “Review Magic”.

Click “Review Magic” in the sidebar to access it.

Overview Page & Navigation

After clicking “Review Magic” you’ll arrive on the overview page.  From here you’ll see data about your review requests, how many requests you have left for this billing cycle, and a social media style newsfeed that tracks important activity from your account.

Use the vertical menu on the left to navigate around Review Magic. 

Requesting Reviews

To request reviews from your customers, click either “Via Email” or “Via Text” under “Request Reviews” in the menu.

Via Email:

From the request via email page simply enter your customers’ emails, one per line, in the form provided. Then press “Request Reviews.” A table to the right will populate as the requests are sent. Note that you may only request a review from the same email once every two months.

Via Text:

From the request via text page enter your customers’ names and phone numbers in the form provided. The customer name is only used for organization within your dashboard and is not sent in the review request.

At the moment, Review Magic can only send requests to US based phone numbers. Make sure the phone number includes 10 numbers. You do not need to include the +1 US country code.

When you’re done, press “Request Reviews”. A table to the right will populate as the requests are sent. Like email requests, you may only request a review from the same phone number once every two months.

Viewing Review Requests

To see review requests that you’ve sent and their analytics, click “Email Requests” or “Text Requests” from the menu. Clicking either will take you to a page where you can view all the requests you’ve sent of that type. You can search for a request using the form on the right side of the page. For text requests, you can search using the customer name or phone number.

Requests have 3 statuses – sent, opened, and clicked. Select a status from the dropdown in the sidebar to only show requests that match that status.

Click on a request to view its analytics. A popup will appear outlining when it was sent and any opens and clicks that occurred. In this example, an email request was opened and the user clicked on “Google”. Press either the “X” in the top right or “close” to hide the popup.

This customer opened the email and clicked on “Google.”

New Review Notifications

Review Magic is capable of tracking new reviews on Google. When this feature is activated, you will receive a notification in both Local Spark Cloud and by email every time a new review about your company is posted on Google.

To start, click on “Google Reviews” from the menu. By default, Review Magic will not notify you of new reviews on Google. Follow the instructions under “Connect Your Account” to connect your Review Magic account to Google My Business and begin receiving notifications. If you don’t see a “Connect Your Account” button your account representative already connected the account for you.

If your account is tracking Google reviews, you will see a checkmark “tracking” on the right side of the page and information about the location your are tracking reviews for.

Under “Google Reviews” you will see the reviews Review Magic has tracked since connecting to your Google My Business account. You will see the rating for the review, the name of the reviewer, and when the review was posted. Click the dropdown arrow to the right to view the content of the review.

Click the dropdown arrow to the right to view the content of the review.


You can adjust the settings for Review Magic by clicking “Settings” from the menu. You will see 2 fields – one for the reply-to email and a one for the descriptor of the recipient of the email request.

The reply-to email is the address a customer would email in the event they reply to your review request. This can be any email you want, though we recommend a generic sales or info address at your domain name.

The recipient descriptor adjusts the wording in the review request to the customer. Enter the singular, lowercase word you’d like to use. Review Magic defaults to “customer”, though you may want to use “patient” or “client” if that term is more appropriate for your business. A sample of the review request wording is shown to the right.

Modifying Review Websites

You can further configure Review Magic through the “review websites” page. This page lists the review websites that are included in your customer’s review request. The review websites shown are generally set up by your account manager and need no further modifications. Click on a review website to see its settings.

From this page you can see the review website’s name, the order it appears in your review request, and its URL. A table to the right shows any clicks this review website has received. It is highly recommended that you don’t modify or delete a review website’s settings until you speak with your account representative. Click the left arrow above the settings to return to your list of review websites.