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Can I receive some phone calls for free?

Yes. We generally allow a prospective client to try 5 phone calls for free. After that you will need to sign up and put a credit card on file to continue receiving calls.

Your cost per phone call seems high.  I found another company that sells leads for $10 a piece!

Lead generation is a great example of “you get what you paid for.”  While it is possible to buy leads at $10 each, these leads are going to be low quality, shared leads that will most likely not turn into customers.

The phone calls we generate are exclusive to your business.  Through our proprietary methods, we can identify people who are interested in your service(s) and pre-sell them on the landing page we design for your business.

I’m already advertising my business online.  Can I still use you?

Yes.  One of the great things about our service is it’s completely stand-alone.  It won’t interfere with existing SEO, pay per click advertising, or other forms of online marketing.

Our service is ideal for business owners looking to supplement the amount of phone calls they’re already receiving through other advertising methods.

Just starting your business?  Don’t have any existing online advertising?  Not to worry, we can become your primary source of new customers.

Are there any monthly fees?

There are no monthly fees or any other service fees.  You only pay for each phone call you receive.

What is the minimum contract length?

Our service does not have a minimum contract length.

How does billing work?

We put your credit card on file at the start of service.  You will then receive a weekly report and invoice for the billable phone calls we generated for you.

Prior to starting service we will give you an idea of how many phone calls we’re generating per day for your service(s) in your area – that way you can can calculate roughly how much you’ll be spending per week.

How do you generate phone calls for my business?

After building a custom landing page for your business, we will promote it across Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  We use a variety of methods, such as SEO and pay per click advertising, to bring visitors to your landing page.

Do you talk to the callers?

No, all callers will be redirected to your company’s main line.  The callers will not have been sent through a dialing tree or have spoken with a call center.  They are sent directly to you and will expect to hear your company name when you answer the phone.

Are the phone calls exclusive?

Yes, all phone calls we generate are exclusive to you.

What payment methods can I use?

We only allow payment by credit or debit card. We do not accept payments by check, Venmo, or PayPal.

How is the price per phone call established?

We combine several factors, such as industry and your level of competition, to compute your price per call.

How many phone calls can I expect to receive?

This is going to vary greatly based on your industry and service area. Some companies may receive one call a day while others may receive several.

How many phone calls will turn into customers?

This is entirely in your hands and we cannot guarantee certain results. Your ability to sell the lead, your pricing, and how competitive your market is will determine how many phone calls will turn into customers.

 Landing Page

Will the landing page feature my branding?

Yes, visitors that view your landing page will only see information about your company.  In contrast to other lead generation companies, we do not use generic lead forms to “aggregate” leads and distribute them to several lead buyers.

Are there any fees to build my landing page?

No, your landing page will be built for free.  All you pay for are the phone calls it generates!

What will be on my landing page?

Your landing page will feature sales copy about your business, reviews about your business, your location, and contact information.

If applicable to your business, you will also be given the opportunity to showcase any recent project galleries.

You may also display any current promotions.  If you do not have one, we highly recommend creating one as a “hook” to get the visitor to call you.

Do I need to host my landing page?

No, we will take care of your landing page’s hosting free of charge.

Will I need to modify anything on my company’s website?

No, our landing pages are completely independent of your website.  We do not need access to your domain name or website.

Phone Calls

How do you track the phone calls?

We setup a special tracking number that redirects to your company’s main phone line.  This phone number will then be placed on the landing page we build for you – that way we’ll know exactly how many calls we generated for you.

Your tracking number will match your main number’s area code.

How do you qualify a billable phone call?

Our call tracking software records the phone call. We will listen to each phone call you receive and determine if it qualifies as billable or not.

What is classified as a billable phone call?

A billable phone call is one where the caller expresses interest in a service you offer. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Asking about a service your business performs
  • Requesting an estimate
  • Setting an appointment
  • Asking for directions
  • Asking for your hours

Telemarketers, wrong numbers, and job seekers are not considered billable phone calls.

Can you increase the amount of phone calls I’m receiving?

Our ability to increase your amount of phone calls is highly situational. Under some circumstances, we may be able to increase advertising on our end to show your landing page more and increase call volume.

We may also recommend advertising another service.

Why did my call volume go down?

Call volume can be subject to seasonal demand and increased competition from non-Local Spark Marketing customers. If a downward trend appears in your call volume for no obvious reason, we will investigate why.


Will I get a report?

Yes, each week we will email you a report outlining all the phone calls we generated for you. Each phone call will be marked if it’s billable or not.

What format is the report in?

Our reports are sent as Google Sheets. You do not need a Google account or any special software to read them. Simply click the link in your email to view it.

Can I listen to the phone calls you generated for me?

Yes. Your report will include a link to listen to each phone call.


Will I be billed if I miss a phone call?

It costs us money to generate your phone calls. If the call occurs during your business hours and you miss it, you will still be billed for the phone call.

You will not be billed for missed calls that occur outside your hours of operation.

However, if you answer a call outside of your business hours that we generated, it will still be evaluated for billable criteria (see above).

How do I pay for the phone calls?

Your credit card will be kept on file. You will be charged weekly for the billable phone calls we generated.

What happens if I dispute a billed phone call?

In the event that you dispute a phone call and we agree it is not billable, your account will be credited the cost of that phone call. This credit will be applied to your next invoice.

If I cancel my account and it has a credit, will I get refunded?

Yes. Any credit your account has will be refunded in the event you cancel our service.

How do I cancel my account?

To cancel your account simply email your account representative. You will have to pay for any billable phone calls that you have not been already charged for.