4 Popular Myths About Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

March 25, 2020

Myth #1: SEO Can Be Done At A Low Cost

SEO is a great example of “you get what you pay for.” Quality SEO takes substantial time and cannot be done for $99 a month. Any agency or person advertising low prices for SEO is most likely using unethical methods (which can get your website removed from Google altogether) or doing so little work a noticeable difference in website traffic won’t be observed.

If you take a long-term view, the best times to invest in your future success are not when things are good, but when they are bad. Taking steps to improve your future while everyone else is in survival mode can pay off big in the long run.

What’s Reality?

Quality SEO for a small business will run in the high three figures or more per month. The exact price will depend on how competitive your industry is and the amount of work the agency feels will be involved.

On a tight budget? Consider “Local SEO” – which focuses on increasing your company’s presence in Google’s map listings.

Local SEO will run in the low three figures per month.


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Myth #2: SEO Is All I Need To Get More Customers

High rankings on Google will bring more visitors to your website… but there’s one more important step you must consider.

What’s Reality?

The quality of your website, its sales copy, and its call to actions (CTAs) all impact your sales. You can send all the website traffic in the world to your website but, if it doesn’t convince a potential customer to call, send you an email, or perform some other action, it means nothing.

A proper SEO campaign will also factor in web design, copy writing, and conversion optimization to help you get the best ROI on your SEO investment.

Myth #3: An SEO Agency Can Guarantee My Website Will Appear #1 On Google

Unless you can hack Google, no one can guarantee your website will rank for a certain search. The largest SEO agencies in the world can’t honestly make this promise.

What’s Reality?

There is no secret or “magic bullet” to get good rankings – only strategy, consistent work, and time. A proper SEO campaign will focus on reasonable results relative to the amount of work you’re paying your agency to do.

Anyone who “guarantees” specific results is setting you up for disappointment and frustration.

Myth #4: SEO Will Quickly Start Bringing More Visitors To My Website

Just like guarantees, no one can accurately predict when your website will see an increase in traffic from your SEO.

What’s Reality?

Every industry, location, and search term is different – it may take weeks or it may take months for your website to achieve better rankings and start bringing more visitors to your website.